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Fire Alarm & Suppression

Expertise in regulatory compliance

aeSolutions provides consultation on requirements to meet regulatory compliance required by OSHA, Life Safety 101, International Building Code, International Fire Code, and NFPA 72.  We can provide a turn-key fire protection solution that meets all of these regulatory requirements including everything from detector placement to installation and start-up services. 

Next Steps


aeSolutions' Approach

Review/Develop Fire Detection Philosophy
Fire detection philosophy is the design basis for an effective system.

Identify Chemicals/Combustibles of Concern, Alarm Levels and Technologies

Hazardous Chemicals and Combustibles must be detected at the correct levels.

Collect Ambient Conditions Data

Measure background heat and infrared sources both indoors and outdoors.

Collect Process Safety Information

Fire and Smoke migration is dependent on airflow and physical boundaries.

Identify Hazard Scenarios

High risk points of release related to flammable/ combustible materials needs to be identified.

Collect Relevant Site Information

Initial Detector Placement 
Detector placement can be made using experienced judgement.

Assess Coverage 

Fire and smoke detector positions are reviewed against simulated fire scenarios of a certain size.

Assess Safety Availability Performance
Detection equipment is assessed for availability on demand performance.

Planning & Verification

Develop Front-End Specification

Update Design to Achieve Performance Targets

Fire detection system design is updated until all criteria are met.

Issue Fire Detection Safety Requirement Specifications

Specification gives  information for detailed engineering to proceed. 

Fire & Gas Products

Fire & Gas Lifecycle Services

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