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Reducing systematic failures reduces risk

Embarking on a SIS project can raise unfamiliar or vaguely familiar terms such as SRS, SIF, 61511, and others. A SIS (Safety Instrumented System) is the hardware and software used to implement SIFs (Safety Instrumented Functions) in accordance with industry standards.

Conforming to the ISA/IEC 61511 standard throughout the lifecycle of a process safety project requires expertise and attention to detail every step of the way.

aeSolutions can help navigate all the parts of the ISA/IEC 61511 safety lifecycle. From preliminary engineering and design, through start up, to operation and maintenance of the SIS, clients trust aeSolutions’ intimate engineering knowledge and experience to ensure that they get the best return on their engineering and capital expenditures.

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Safety Instrumented Systems Lifecycle

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Allocations of Safety Functions to Protection Layers

Independent Protection Layer (IPL) Validation of Credits

BPCS/SIS Independence Assessment

Safety Requirement Specifications

Safety Requirements Specification (SRS)

Installation, Commissioning, and Validation

Proof Test Philosophy & Design

aeShield Software

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