Fire & Gas System Installation Support

aeSolutions supports clients with detailed planning and coordination to ensure a successful installation and start-up of Fire and Gas Systems. We develop a Construction Scope of Work (SOW) suitable for collecting contractor bids and assisting the contractor in the interpretation of the design package.  

Installation support includes:


  •     Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

  •     Installation & Commissioning Oversight

  •     Field Devices Calibration 

  •     Start-up Assistance

  •     NFPA 72 Final Sign-offs

aeSolutions can help ensure the Fire and Gas System is delivered standards compliant, on-spec and safe.  As part of the comprehensive installation support we also offer training to ensure end users can operate and maintain their new systems.

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  • Methane 

  • Propane 

  • Ethylene 

  • Ethanol 

  • Chlorine 

  • Ammonia 

  • Hydrogen 

  • Hydrogen Sulfide 

  • Acid Vapor

  • EPA Rule

  • Requirement

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