Engineering Design Data Industrial Whitepaper or White papers allow us to reach a much wider audience and keep our clients and employees better informed about changes in the industry.

We offer technical papers on cybersecurity, process safety, process safety management, maritime, the water industry, chemicals and specialty chemicals, Fired Equipment, BMS or Burner Management Systems, Boiler Safety, Safety Instrumented Systems, System Integration or Automation, as well as HMU Human Machine Interface. Fire and Gas Panels.

aeSolutions uses technical whitepapers to both record expertise and to market themselves.  They almost all have been exhibited at industry trade shows on process safety or industrial cybersecurity.  Some are sample titles of our papers:


How to Meet Upcoming Maritime Cybersecurity Guidelines

Industrial Control System Risk Assessment Standards and Best Practices in the Chemical Industry

Applying PHA Methodologies such as HAZOP and Bowtie to Assessing Industrial Cybersecurity Risk

Addressing Common PCN Misconfigurations Will Increase Availability, Security and Safety

How Can I Effectively Place My Gas Detectors

Does your facility have the flu? Use Bayes rule to treat the problem instead of the symptom

Designing Operator Tasks to Minimize the Impact of Heuristics and Biases

Improving Barrier Effectiveness using Human Factors Methods

ISA Improving Human Factors Review in PHA and LOPA

Improving the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Design Process with Graphic Diagrams

Evolution of the traditional Fire panel