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Greenville, South Carolina
Corporate Headquarters


Regional Office Phone numbers:

Houston  713-292-0000

Anchorage 907-865-5992

aeSolutions offers performance-based process safety PSM engineering, and automation (system integration) solutions with proven processes that ensure consistent project execution, while helping customers optimize safety, quality and production. We are committed to providing services that enable our clients to sustainably own, operate, and maintain their process facilities. Following its original vision of providing Value-Driven Engineering, aeSolutions continues to anticipate and exceed the expectations of their customers, employees, and the market.  To deliver consulting and engineering expertise for smarter, more resilient industrial operations and safer communities Consulting engagements develop a strong trusted-advisor relationship with our clients which is well aligned with our Inclusive core value and our preference for working together as partners. Consulting services create the opportunity to develop relationships with higher level decision-makers in our clients' organizations; relationships that transcend individual project engagements.  Our consulting services allow us to gain insight into our clients' businesses, their challenges and opportunities and enables innovative collaboration. This encourages our clients to