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Fire and Toxic & Combustible Gas - Detailed Engineering

aeSolutions utilizes first-hand industry experience to design clients' Fire and Gas Systems to the latest FM Approved standards. Our system design services include developing wiring plans, functional test plans, factory acceptance and site acceptance test plans and facilitation(FAT/SAT Plans).  During the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) we confirm that all aspects of the control system are in full compliance with the final design documentation. 

Field Design Deliverables

  • Written Narrative

  • Riser Diagram

  • Floor Plan Layout

  • Sequence of Operation

  • Manufacturer’s Published Instructions

  • Battery Calculations

  • Voltage Drop Calculations

Detailed Design Deliverables

  • Detector Final Placement

  • End Device Selection

  • I/O Assignment

  • Panel Design

  • Architecture Block Diagram

  • Cable Schedule / Cable Block Diagrams

  • Installation Details for End Devices

  • Engineering and Design calculations

  • Completion Test Forms

  • HMI screen requirements

FGS1400 Tesing Rig - Toxic Gas Monitoring

Fire & Gas Products 

Fire & Gas Lifecycle Services

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