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Project Management

aeSolutions knows automation projects

The automation scope on capital projects is too often under-managed. Throughout the planning, engineering, and construction phases of these  projects, project management is primarily focused on the more capital-intensive scope elements and the long-lead procurement items.


The automation scope is relatively small and therefore considered low risk. This perception is enforced by a common belief that because the automation system is “only software” it can be addressed late in the project schedule and finished in the field.

The reality is that today’s automation is immensely capable, but also highly complex and integrated.  If not planned and managed correctly, much of this immense capability will remain untapped. Worse, critical project objectives for stability, up-time, yield, product quality, etc. will be missed and often these misses can be severe enough to negatively impact the project’s original financial pro forma. Project wide automation and digitalization must be defined early and

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addressed in equipment suppliers’ proposals and bid pricing. These include critical documents such as:

  • User Requirements Specifications

  • Functional Requirements Specifications

  • Controls Philosophy

  • Instrumentation Procurement Plan defining the preferred instrument vendors and technologies

  • Configuration and Graphics Standards

  • Alarm Management Philosophy

  • Integration of the control and safety systems with plant electrical systems including smart MCCs

  • Plant Digitalization and Information Flow Requirements


These documents all will have a dramatic impact on project costs, schedule, and vendor supplied equipment if not addressed at the right time.

aeSolutions Services by Project Lifecycle Phases

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aeSolutions has an internal Project Management Office (PMO). Most aeSolutions’ PMO team members are certified under the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. As such, they understand and value rigorous project management practices such as Earned Value tracking and complex scheduling and spend planning using tools such as Microsoft Projects and Primavera P6. These same professionals also possess deep knowledge of the unique execution and technology challenges of today’s industrial automation projects.


aeSolutions captured the power of these two competencies into a standard methodology collectively referred to as “ae Project Delivery Standards” (aePDS). This allows every PMO team member to be singularly focused on continually improving this one common standard across all business units. This rigorous aePDS is especially well-suited for industrial automation-centric projects. This reduces the punch-above-its-weight risk associated with these small but critical automation scope elements within capital projects.

While aeSolutions maintains a formal PMO similar to large engineering and construction firms, unlike most of these large firms, aeSolutions remains nimble, able and excited to blend client-standard management methodologies with the best of our own for a customized, right-sized management approach.


aeSolutions also offers aePDS services to clients who may not have the time or capability to properly manage their automation-centric projects. In this role aeSolutions engages to secure bids, procure equipment, evaluate bid submittals, and direct construction contractors on site ensuring proper installation.

Integration of Lifecycles

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