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Plant Protection Systems

Combustible & Toxic Gas | Fired Equipment | Safety Instrumented Systems

Industrial Fire and Combustible & Toxic Gas 

From consultation & conceptual design through installation and testing

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  • Unique blend of experience:

    • Philosophy

    • Technology selection

    • Geographic/scenario-based modeling ​

  • Conceptual design through field installation  ​

  • Ensure appropriately sized system

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  • Consultation on compliance

    • OSHA

    • Life Safety 101

    • International Building & Fire Codes

    • NFPA 72​

  • Protection solutions from detector placement/installation to start-up

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Fire Detection 

  • Industrial fire and gas  

  • When do I need a fire and gas system 

  • International building code fire and gas 

  • Life safety fire and gas  

  • FM Approved Fire and Gas Panel 

  • NRTL Listed Fire and Gas Panel 

  • When do I need a fire and gas system  

  • PLC Based Fire and Gas Panel             

  • Relevant FM/CSA standards 

  • NFPA 72 Combination Systems 

  • FM Gas Detection Systems 

  • mapping 

Gas Detection 

  • Industrial fire and gas  

  • Gas detection compliance  

  • Gas detection philosophy  

  • Gas detection consulting  

  • Gas detection mapping  

  • Gas detection technology  

  • Gas detection types  

  • PLC Based Fire and Gas Panel              

  • Combustible Gas Detection ( and Systems) 

  • Toxic Gas Detection ( and Systems) 

  • Geographic Gas detector Placement 

  • Scenario Based Gas detector Placement 

  • Gas Detector Coverage Assessment 

  • Gas Detector Availability Assessment 

  • SIL for Gas Detection 

  • Gas Detection Event Tree 

  • Gas Detection System Specification 

  • Methane 

  • Propane 

  • Ethylene 

  • Ethanol 

  • Chlorine 

  • Ammonia 

  • Hydrogen 

  • Hydrogen Sulfide 

  • Acid Vapor 

  • Mapping 

  • Industrial PLC platform for plant-wide integration

  • Pre-engineered, pre-configured, and pre-packaged systems ​

  • FM Approved

  • Compliant to the latest standards

    • fire alarm signaling 

    • gas monitoring and control 

F&G Training
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Operator training tailored exclusively to the usage of the system with emphasis on functionality, operator interaction, and operator interface with the



Maintenance training includes of the operator training level with additional training for preventative maintenance, and hardware troubleshooting, and system component replacement.


Engineer training includes both the operator and maintenance training levels with additional training for proper software troubleshooting techniques, and programming of device additions to the logic solver and FRI/HMI.

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