Alarm  Management

aeSolutions provides services and systems to bring the client’s alarm management practices into compliance with the current ISA 18.2 standards.

Poor alarm management has been a critical factor in major process safety incidents throughout history. Successful alarm management is key in achieving effectiveness of alarms and the ability of operating personnel to respond promptly and correctly.

aeSolutions can supply expertise for all stages of the alarm management lifecycle specializing in: consulting for philosophy development or gap assessment of current alarm philosophy; alarm management and rationalization training; and facilitation of alarm rationalizations. aeSolutions can also provide support related to implementing processes for effective maintenance, training, and testing.

The goal of our alarm management services is to help clients improve the performance of their alarm systems and increase the situational awareness of their operators. Our customers recognize there is a direct relationship between the process safety performance of their facilities and the implementation of their effective alarm management techniques. aeSolutions’ integrated approach can supply expertise at all stages of the Alarm Management Lifecycle.

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Alarm Management Lifecycle

aeSolutions’ alarm management services are designed to support our customers’ desires to encourage a culture of sustainable alarm management as an important component to their overall process safety strategy.