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Combustible & Toxic Gas Detection Preliminary Engineering

Expertise to tackle the most challenging gas detection applications toxic gas detection

aeSolutions has experienced personnel who can assess risk, identify leak points, model potential releases, and specify detection strategies, technologies, and placements to safely and cost effectively protect personnel and assets. All while being mindful of the operating and production requirements of the facilities. 

We begin with the development of a Gas Detection Philosophy document, or a review and update of an existing philosophy. This approach results in a system that is fit for purpose, cost-effective and has a defined basis that can be updated as the plant evolves over time. It ensures that the gas detection system is appropriately sized to address the risks identified. 


Next Steps

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aeSolutions' Approach

Collect Relevant Site Information

Review/Develop Gas Detection Philosophy
Gas detection philosophy is the design basis for an effective system.

Identify Chemicals of Concern, Alarm Levels and Technologies

Hazardous Chemicals must be detected at the correct levels.

Collect Ambient Conditions Data

Gas migration paths must be understood both indoors and outdoors.

Collect Process Safety Information

Gas migration is dependent on temperature, pressure and physical properties.

Identify Release Scenarios

High risk points of release need to be identified. Pumps, flanges, etc.

Planning & Verification

Initial Detector Placement

Detector placement can be made using experienced judgement.

PHAST/CFD/Geographic Models

Models are completed to predict the behavior of gas releases.

Assess Coverage 

Gas detector positions are reviewed against the release models.

Assess Safety Availability Performance

Detection equipment is assessed for availability on demand performance.

Develop Front-End Specification

Update Design to Achieve Performance Targets

Gas detection System design is updated until all criteria are met.

Issue Gas Detection Safety Requirement Specifications

Specification gives  information for detailed engineering to proceed.

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aeSolutions' Gas Detection Services
  • A unique blend of experience from philosophy, technology selection, and geographic/scenario-based modeling 

  • Able to provide turn-key service from conceptual design through field installation for toxic gas detection and toxic gas monitoring

  • Addressing the risk in the most cost effective manner (not too many and not too few) 

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