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aeSolutions Announces Major Update to its FGS 1400 Fire & Gas Product

Update Provides a Migration Path for Existing FGS 1400 Installations

Greenville, SC – October 10th, 2022 aeSolutions, a consulting, engineering, and systems integration company that provides industrial process safety and automation products and services, today announced the release of an update to its FGS 1400 MK II Safety Instrumented Fire & Gas System (FGS) solution. Scalable for large industrial installations, the solution is designed to provide fire and gas protection based on a safety-rated control system. Available as a turnkey solution, the FGS 1400 MK II is pre-engineered, pre-configured, and pre-packaged, and is suitable for a wide variety of applications. The system has been updated to utilize Siemens process automation Simatic ET 200SP HA input/output (I/O) cards in place of existing I/O cards that are on Siemens’ mature product list and are being phased out.

To ensure continuity of operations, the update will provide existing aeSolutions clients with an upgrade path to maintain their existing FGS 1400 MK II products. As the update is rolled out, aeSolutions can supply migration fabrication kits that will enable end users to easily migrate to the ET 200SP HA I/O cards. Moving forward, aeSolutions’ product lines will only offer the new ET 200SP HA I/O cards in the FGS 1400 products.

“When spare parts are no longer available, this important update to the FGS 1400 MK II provides a migration path to future aeSolutions’ product lines that will only offer the new ET 200SP HA I/O cards,” said Warren Johnson, senior project manager at aeSolutions. “Our customers come from a range of sectors and include companies in the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural chemical, and hydrogen production industries. Businesses with a need for industrial-grade fire and gas systems look to aeSolutions to offer products that meet and exceed industry standards and expectations. While not all fire and gas systems are required to conform to ISA and IEC safety standards, our customers recognize the benefits of such a high-reliability system even for lower-risk applications. aeSolutions is proud to continue to set the standard by providing our customers with superior, up-to-date products.”

As the premier solution for fire and gas alarm and control, the FGS 1400 MK II can be built on demand and combines required functionality into the latest generation of TÜV-certified safety programmable logic controller (PLC). The FGS 1400 MK II was designed to the same levels of safety availability and reliability as the systems that aeSolutions designs for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). By using the latest generation of a safety integration level (SIL) 3 safety-certified PLC as the logic solver, the FGS 1400 MK II provides the same demanding levels of performance required by the International Society of Automation (ISA) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) safety standards for safety-critical applications.

Additionally, the FGS 1400 MK II meets Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for fire protection, has Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) certification for fire and gas, and is Factory Mutual (FM)-approved to be in conformance with the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72 and FM 3010 standards for fire alarming and mitigation control. The FGS 1400 MK II has also been FM-approved to be in conformance with FM Approvals’ Combustible Gas Standard 6320, Toxic Gas Detection Standard 6340, and American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/ISA 12.13.01 Performance Requirements for Combustible Gas Detectors standard.

The FGS 1400 MK II has approval for either simplex or redundant processors, a variety of I/O configurations, including remote I/O, and a battery back-up/ charger subsystem. A critical component of the system is an FM-approved secondary power supply system consisting of a charger panel and an associated self-contained battery system. To support system design, aeSolutions has developed an FM-approved battery sizing tool that confirms the battery system design based on the specific requirements of each application.

By using the same hardware/software platform as the Siemens Simatic PCS7 series, the FGS 1400 MK II can be integrated into the entire plant system solution. It offers the advantages of common Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), spare parts, training, engineering/configuration tools, maintenance, and procedures to produce a dramatic saving in both installed costs as well as lifecycle costs.

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About aeSolutions

In business since 1998, aeSolutions is a consulting, engineering, and systems integration company that provides industrial process safety and automation products and services. They specialize in helping industrial clients achieve their risk management and operational excellence goals through expertise in process safety, combustion control and safeguarding, safety instrumented systems, control system design and integration, alarm management, and related operations and integrity management systems. For more information, visit

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