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FGS 1400 MK II - Evolution of the traditional Fire panel

In 2005, aeSolutions recognized an industry need for Fire and Gas panels based on a SIL capable PLC safety control platform. Large industrial clients were looking for a system capable of monitoring and controlling Fire system 1/0, combustible gas, toxic gas, and oxygen depletion detectors, initiating suppression release, controlling HV AC, and performing process safety shutdowns.

To develop the Fire and Gas system requirements needed by industry, we first needed to understand the regulatory requirements, applicable industry standards, and the types of fire and gas systems currently in use ..

Here are some of the key regulatory requirements mandated by OSHA. - OSHA 1910.155 Fire Detection- 3rd party approval by Nationally recognized laboratory - OSHA 1910.164 Fire Detection Systems - Circuit Supervision - OSHA 1910.165 Employee Alarm Systems - Circuit supervision - Power Supply Monitoring

Other key drivers are determining which industry standards are applicable. Are the standards mandatory? Many local and state codes reference the International building code. This code requires the use of NFPA 72 for fire alarm signaling systems. The authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) in each jurisdiction has the final authority in determining the applicable standards that the fire alarm system must meet.

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