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Engineers Week 2024 - Ask aeSolutions' Engineers Part 2 "Advice"

Engineers Week was established in 1951 as a way to promote a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers. Each year, aeSolutions celebrates Engineers Week by hosting fun activities for our employees and by sharing resources and stories that highlight how engineers – and engineering companies – make a difference in our world.  


This year we asked our employees a series of questions related to engineering and engineering companies as a career choice. We’ll be sharing some of their answers over the course of Engineers Week, which runs from February 18-23.


Today’s question focuses on advice our team members would give.


People sitting at a table with food building supplies
aeSolutions team takes part in a fun engineering a tower challenge

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in the engineering fields?

You'll never or rarely be unemployed. You probably won't get rich, but you can live a comfortable life and have fun work.  Also, if you cannot otherwise hunt or aren't trained in paramilitary operations, being a good engineer will ensure you are a valuable asset to any number of tribes or gangs when the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse happens.  I mean, even Negan would have really loved a guy who could make electricity from parts found in a junk yard. – Tom M.


If a person is looking at a career in engineering or design, learn the basics, get a grasp on newer technology and be willing to learn from those with the experience. – Andy G.


You can do it, just be tenacious with your learning.  This includes a strong component in communication skills, verbal and written.  Most engineers hate writing because they love the sciences and math.  If you can't sell your solution ideas or document how you got to the idea, then no one benefits. – Kelly J.


As an engineer, early in my career, I believed that with the right technical solution all problems could be overcome, that the "wisdom" of a solution would win the day. Since then, I have learned that people must be met where they are. Invest the time to understand what is motivating them, what is important to them. Deliberately seek this information from them. Express a willingness to understand and to compromise. This takes time and patience but it's the only way that I have found to achieve sustainable change. – Ken O.


You don't have to be the smartest one in the room. You just have to want it the most and never give up on your goals. Once you become an engineer, the jobs are extremely varied and you can find your passion. – Carolyn B. 


If you choose engineering as your career, your education will give you many job opportunities whether you end up working as an engineer or not.  A solid background in math and science can be used as a springboard for many types of positions i.e. teaching, medical technology, business etc. – Melissa L.


If you are considering an engineering degree, be the best you can be to help others for now and in the future. What you design can have lasting impacts on many people. – Kelvin S.


Look at all the possible fields in which you can apply an engineering degree. I was convinced I HAD to work in gas and petroleum with my degree, and I am glad I was able to avoid that. – Ethan W.


Be prepared to be challenged and dedicated to your work. – Mark S. 


I'd advise them to study hard and be ready for difficult, yet interesting, challenges. – Joel R. 











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