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Engineers Week 2024 - Ask aeSolutions' Engineers Part 4 "New Technology"

Engineers Week was established in 1951 as a way to promote a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers. Each year, aeSolutions celebrates Engineers Week by hosting fun activities for our employees and by sharing resources and stories that highlight how engineers – and engineering companies – make a difference in our world.  


This year we asked our employees a series of questions related to engineering and engineering companies as a career choice. We’ll be sharing some of their answers over the course of Engineers Week, which runs from February 18-23.


Today’s question focuses on what technologies our team members foresee impacting the engineering field. 


What new (recent or upcoming) technology do you believe will have the biggest impact on the engineering field?

I wouldn't say it is new technology but the improvement in the abilities and use of "smart" devices and handhelds for asset testing/inspection has resulted in better documentation and assessment of equipment condition. Reliability engineers have more tools to monitor trends in equipment performance than even just a few years ago. – Melissa L.


While it isn't a technology, emphasizing standardization and reuse will be critical. Rather than celebrating the brilliance of a unique one-off solution, celebrate the reuse of established standards and the work of others. This reduces risk and cost and increases quality and client satisfaction. – Ken O. 


Communications.  The methods have changed over my career, but the basics are still the same. – Andy G.


I'm not entirely sure of the exact name (I think that it called the holo-mat?) It is an interesting technology that was designed for moving props for movies and productions. However, with a little bit of outside the box thinking, I wonder if that same technology could be used in engineering to make devices function more efficiently. – Wyatt S. 


 AI, and perhaps superconductors that "superconduct" at room temperatures. – Tom M. 


Artificial intelligence will change our world.  While I see benefits, I also have concerns about all impacts (nothing is all good or all bad).  – Kelly J. 


AI is going to have a huge impact on the engineering world. AI will be able to develop hazard scenarios and analyze the consequences much faster than a human. – Carolyn B.


AI - although I don't have the most positive outlook on it! – Ethan W.


AI. – Mark S. 


I bet I'm in the majority here, but I believe A.I. will have the biggest impact on the engineering field. – Joel R.


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