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A Database Approach to the Safety Life Cycle

by Michael D. Scott, Founder, P.E. & Ken O’Malley, Founder, P.E.


Safety Lifecycle Diagram - Safety Instrumented Systems SIS

A systematic database approach can be used to design, develop and test a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) using methodologies that are in compliance with the safety lifecycle management requirements specified in ANSI/ISA S84.01. This paper will demonstrate that through a database approach, the design deliverables and system configuration quality are improved and the implementation effort is reduced.


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During the SIL Verification process, the type of equipment specified, voting architecture, diagnostics and testing parameters are verified by calculation, producing the Probability of Failure on Demand, and Spurious Trip Rate for each SIF. Additionally, we consider hardware fault tolerance (HFT) required. The SIL Verification calculation Reports are provided from all tools and calculations we perform. A Design Verification Report (DVR) details the calculation parameters, assumptions, limitations, and sources of data for SIL calculations performed. Recommendations for optimized SIF performance (taking into account both safety integrity and spurious trip evaluation), are also reported in this document.

aeSolutions' SIS Engineers are trained and experienced in the fundamentals and the advanced parameters of SIL Verification Calculations. Our engineers, many of which have CFSE, CFSP, and ISA84 Expert certifications, work with our clients to evaluate the SIS options for optimized investment.


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