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Acronyms & Terms Glossary

Proof Test

Periodic test performed to detect dangerous hidden failures in a system so that, if necessary, a repair can restore the system to an ""as good as new condition"", or as close as practical to this condition.

The goal of a proof test of a SIF is to reveal previously undiagnosed dangerous hardware failures (those failures that would prevent the SIF from reacting to a hazard). Proof test coverage (the fraction of these failures a given proof can reveal) and the interval at which proof tests are conducted are important inputs into determining if a SIF meets its required SIL. Developing a proof test philosophy can provide for consistency in proof test procedures and how they are conducted. aeSolutions' experts have the field experience to discuss the testing requirements, site practices and available technologies to determine and document a comprehensive testing philosophy. We also have a library of proven proof test procedures to choose from when assembling a testing package, and we have the expertise to work with clients to implement effective testing, failure classification, and feedback mechanisms to validate reliability data claimed in Risk Analysis and SIL Verification.

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