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Evolution of Fired Equipment Protective Systems in the Chemical Sector

Several years ago, aeSolutions started our fired equipment business. This business is focused on safeguarding burners and furnaces, heaters, boilers for example. And there really wasn't the on site expertise into what's really going on. And then what are the hazards associated for some of our clients, one of the most hazardous processes on their facility might be their boiler.

There are a lot of, kind of common applications, you see a lot of fired equipment, whether it's an incinerator or a boiler. But within the chemical market, those typically tend to be much more complicated applications of a boiler. In many cases, they can't bring these systems down at a very high frequency. They need to run them for extended periods of time, which makes the design of protective systems for those applications, much more complex and nuanced.

In the past, the marker has been, well, natural gas is so cheap where they don't care how efficient our system are.  But today with so much awareness of carbon capturing and carbon release burning these systems more efficiently, efficient use of fuel, getting more energy, more BTUs out of this fuel is really important.

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