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How an Ammonia Gas Detection & Suppression System can Reduce Risk

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Ammonia is used throughout the process industries. However, an ammonia release has the potential to cause health concerns to those on site as well as those in the surrounding community. Safety systems are often implemented to minimize the impact of such a release. A corporate safety review of a brownfield pressurized ammonia storage facility determined that a new leak detection, occupant notification, equipment isolation, and hazard suppression system was required. aeSolutions provided a system that automatically monitors and detects a release, along with weather and wind conditions, and mitigates the effects.

This particular system includes point and line of sight gas detectors, product isolation valves, and electronically operated water cannons. Field devices are monitored and controlled using a purpose built aeSolutions FGS 1400 MK II fire and gas panel. The system was configured using SIMATIC PCS 7 and Safety Matrix. The system meets NFPA 72 for fire alarming and mitigation control, and is FM approved to NFPA 72 for fire protection, combustible, and toxic gas measurement.

Electronically operated water cannons

The system is centered around redundant Siemens 410-HF safety certified PLCs with redundant OS servers and two OS clients. The system interfaces with (10) point gas detectors using 4-20 mA signals, (11) laser beam gas detectors using Modbus, and controls (11) isolation valves incorporating partial and full stroke testing, and (14) 3-axis 2,000 GPM water cannons. The water cannons provide 340 degrees of rotational movement, vertical movement, and each has a dedicated flow control valve. The water cannons are used to dilute the ammonia and knock it to the ground, allowing it to be contained in the diked area around the tanks and spheres. Control room personnel are also able to control the spray nozzles remotely.

FGS 1400 Panel

The FGS 1400 MK II Safety Instrumented Fire & Gas System from aeSolutions is a pre-engineered, pre-configured and pre-packaged system that is suitable for a wide variety of applications and is available as a turnkey solution. The FGS 1400 MK II provides the same demanding levels of performance required by the ISA and IEC safety standards for safety critical applications. Learn more about the FGS 1400 MK II

Benefits of aeSolutions Fire & Gas Systems:

• Scalability provides you with customization options

• Listed for use with a wide variety of end devices for maximum flexibility

• Customized functionality and listings available

• Siemens PCS7 platform integration for increased operator visibility

• FM-Listed for Fire & Gas detection and suppression to satisfy regulations

• Industrial grade hardware for increased reliability in plant applications

• Factory training available to enable end users to maintain their systems

• The FGS 1400 MK II is listed for Fire Command Center and proprietary Supervising Station functions.

To see how aeSolutions can help you with your unique gas detection and mitigation needs, please contact us.


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