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Expertise in Hydrogen Manufacturing

Navigating the Learning Curve in a Growing Industry

Hydrogen is highly explosive, easily undetectable and can self-ignite – a recipe for disaster! Is your hydrogen plant taking the right measures to ensure safety? We leverage our decades of industry experience to make your hydrogen plant safe and efficient.  

"Within industry, people have been producing hydrogen for 100 years, but there's really been a lot of interest lately in hydrogen for transportation and for energy. What we've seen is a lot of people enter the market that may not have that, that background of operating chemical facilities."

"And they're trying to understand, how do you handle it? How do you transport it? Transfer it. How do you contain it? How do you keep it safe and under control? And these companies are going to be on a bit of a learning curve as they try to understand the properties of these molecules and how they behave. And this is something aeSolutions has done for a very long time. With our modeling team, what we're finding is these models are creating some surprising. Results. Gases, particularly indoors, do not behave necessarily in an intuitive way. And where an expert might think is a good location for a detector, the gas may go undetected, it may not collect in sufficient quantities in that location."

"If the hydrogen is being generated with electrolyzers, normally those are in enclosed buildings that are ventilated, but you want to be able to detect hydrogen leaks inside those buildings. huh? Hydrogen is highly explosive volatile. It can actually self ignite. So, we put gas detection and flame monitoring inside the electrologist building. The hydrogen flames are also not easily seen with the human eye and outdoors it's almost impossible to see. We put in flame detectors to alert personnel that there is a flame gas detector to alert personnel that you know there are issues, gas leaks. You might want to shut the process down, you know, evacuate people, etc. We can do your process ESV's. We can handle all your fire and gas IO all in one box. You have common spare parts. You don't have external interfaces you have to worry about. It makes it more cost effective."


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