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Mining OT Cybersecurity

Unique Challenges

The mining and minerals processing sector is the industry dedicated to the extraction and processing of critical minerals across the world.  This sector faces several challenges many of which are unique to this industry, such as: 

  • Safety 

  • Security 

  • Environmental

  • Commodities Pricing

  • Yield or Productivity

  • Energy Costs 

  • Government Regulatory Compliance 

  • Operation and Maintenance Expenditures 

  • Labor Costs 

  • Capital Expenditures

  • Extremely Remote Locations

  • Harsh Conditions 

The industry is highly affected by commodity pricing which drives cycles of boom and bust such as greenfield investments, spending curtailments and new optimization spending to maintain a profitable operating asset upwards of 40 years. ***


Digital Transformation, the addition of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changes the operation. This Digital Transformation technology is here and continues to grow in scope within operating assets however transformational activities are not always engineered with Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity in mind.

Addressing Cyber Risks at Mining Sites

aeSolutions is a sector focused niche OT Cybersecurity Consultant that is not affiliated with products and has a deep bench of real-world experts. The aeSolutions Industrial Cybersecurity team has detailed knowledge and know how of the automation platforms, OT network devices, OT security tools and value-added skills in design, assess, test, implementation and operation and maintenance.


“Our end-users understand the industry standards and are looking to meet the intent at the lowest cost to secure while operating within the tolerable risk of the business unit. “ 

Our team has been there --working in operating facilities, participating in the design of greenfield and brownfield upgrades, and been on the phone when OT Cybersecurity response is required.  We bring the know-how and industry experience that meets the intent of the standards while working within the envelope of business risk the specific client faces.

  Our Services

  • GAP Assessment Services

  • CyberPHA

  • OT Cybersecurity Program Support

  • Policy, Procedure and Job Aid – Documents and Support 

  • Cybersecurity SAT/FAT

  • Cybersecurity Tool analysis and tool selection

  • Mitigation and Implementation

  • IIoT and Digital Transformation OT Cybersecurity Design 

  • IIoT and Digital Transformation OT Cybersecurity Review and Analysis 

  • Boundary Device Audits 

  • DMZ and Architecture Design Services 

  • OT Cybersecurity Program Management 

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aeSolutions plans, assess, and implements OT security models that enable these transformational efforts to operate without compromise to the OT environment. 

Let's talk about how we can secure your DT and IIoT systems.

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