Combustion Solutions

Safe, Resilient, Smart Combustion Solutions 

Clients face the ongoing challenge of optimizing finite resources' deployment while closing difficult performance, safety, or compliance gaps. The reliability and integrity of your fired equipment impact the onstream time, resilience, and predictability of operations. From up-front engineering to end-user compliance testing, aeSolutions has helped clients create and maintain safe, efficient fired equipment and associated processes.


Whether Clients are looking to maximize waste stream fuel usage or minimize total cost through combustion efficiency, aeSolutions brings a team together for each project or program to solve complex operations challenges.

With extensive engineering knowledge of the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and other applicable regulations, aeSolutions is uniquely qualified to advise on virtually all combustion-related codes and other hazard assessments. Clients can trust our rich experience in Process Safety Management (PSM) to apply the safety lifecycle to their fired equipment using the equivalency clauses within NFPA or through their PSM practices.   

Typical Project Lifecycle

Operational Improvement

Code Compliance

Process Safety


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  • Fired equipment systems code compliance 

  • Fired equipment Control Systems code compliance 

  • Fired equipment Instrumentation code compliance 

  • BMS Systems Code Compliance 

  • Fired equipment equivalency study 

  • Alternative Design of BMS   

  • Fired equipment retrofit solution  

  • Multi-discipline engineering  

  • NFPA Compliant 

  • NFPA Equivalent System 

  • Combustion Safety 

  • Burner Management Systems 

  • NFPA 85 

  • NFPA 86 

  • NFPA 87 

  • API 556 

  • Fuel Train 

  • Industrial Furnace Annual Testing 

  • Boiler Annual Testing 

  • Combustion Control Systems 

  • Combustion System Hazards 

  • Flame Monitoring and Tripping Systems 

  • PSM Covered Boiler 

  • Services

Burner Management Systems (BMS) and Combustion Control Systems (CCS) Experience:

combustion control panel.png

•    Bath Heaters
•    Reformers
•    Vaporizers
•    Incinerators
•    Kilns

•    Thermal Oil Heaters

•    Boilers
•    Heat Recovery Steam Generators
•    Thermal Oxidizers
•    Process Heaters
•    Direct Fired Heaters
•    Reboilers

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