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Acronyms & Terms Glossary

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Software and hardware that allows human operators to monitor the state of a process under control, modify control settings to change the control objective, and manually override automatic control operations in the event of an emergency. The HMI also allows a control engineer or operator to configure set points or control algorithms and parameters in the controller. The HMI also displays process status information, historical information, reports, and other information to operators, administrators, managers, business partners, and other authorized users. Operators and engineers use HMIs to monitor and configure set points, control algorithms, send commands, and adjust and establish parameters in the controller.

aeSolutions designs and configures human machine interfaces for control and safety systems. HMI varieties range from DCS vendors' hefty client-server systems to small touch screens engineered with special purpose panels. aeSolutions also develops alarm management philosophies which include HMI design guidance; a facility's various alarms and alert states are properly managed and prioritized to help operators maintain situational awareness.

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