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Acronyms & Terms Glossary

Combustion Control System (CCS)

Also known as the Boiler Control System (BCS)

The subsystem of instrumentation and controls that manages the firing rate and air/fuel ratio of the burner in response to load demand. The Combustion Control System works in conjunction with the Burner Management System (BMS).

aeSolutions' family of products includes industrial Combustion Control Systems in several packages. The pre-engineered packages are configurable to meet the client's operational requirements and is readily configured to implement a variety of fuel-saving optimization techniques, including fully metered / cross-limited fuel air control with oxygen trim, and interfacing to a wide variety of field sensors, analyzers, and valves. The CCS is often supplied as an integrated Combustion Management System package, which includes a BMS for safe startup, shutdown, and interlocking.

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