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Specialty Chemical Site’s Increasingly Complicated Cutover

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When a project that began with standard safety system upgrades quickly expanded to a much broader scope of engineering with tight deadlines, aeSolutions responded with an experienced engineering workforce to deliver above-quality expectations while meeting key deadlines.


The initial project scope included providing the client with instrumentation specifications and wiring and cutover plans to facilitate the cutover to a new system. Due to incomplete and outdated instrument lists, a significant and unexpected change in scope became required to include instrument specification services, which nearly doubled the time and manpower needed to reach the goal by the client’s deadline.


aeSolutions efficiently identified and conveyed the necessary adjustments to the project with clear and concise communication, enabling the client to swiftly make informed decisions, modify the scope, and adjust staffing accordingly.
Our team quickly deployed resources to provide the following deliverables within the original schedule:
• Instrument Specifications
• Instrument Field Wiring
• Cutover Mapping
• Cutover Wiring
In addition, aeSolutions designed custom cabinets for the cutover at the request of the client once it became apparent that the field loops would be doubled. During construction, aeSolutions assisted the client with locating and providing quality drawings for cutover installation and commissioning.


Upon completion, the clients informed aeSolutions that the provided support was indispensable for a smooth start-up, and the subcontractors confirmed that aeSolutions specifically contributed to one of the most efficient cutovers they’ve ever commissioned. The client had large projects going on, and aeSolutions was able to save them costs by hitting their shutdown dates and not requiring additional shutdown time.

Industry: Specialty Chemical

Geography: Southeast

Unit Operation: Safety System Upgrade

Governing: ISA/IEC 61511

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