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Pharma Company Detecting Natural Gas Leaks in Boiler House

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A pharmaceutical client determined they needed a natural gas leak detection and isolation system for a utility building based on a PHA recommendation. aeSolutions installed a combustible gas leak detection system to shut off the gas supply to the boiler, bringing the facility into compliance with the safety program requirements.


A global pharmaceutical company’s corporate standards mandated a local manufacturing site install a combustible gas leak detection system in its boiler house to mitigate risk to personnel and equipment. The client needed the ability to detect and isolate gas leaks within a utility building containing multiple large natural gas-fired boilers to lessen the risk to personnel and reduce the potential for extended production disruption due to significant equipment damage.


aeSolutions designed and provided an FM approved industrial fire alarm and gas detection system to automatically isolate the main natural gas feed to the building when a leak is detected. aeSolutions also provided detector placement consulting services based on the physical location of potential leak sources.

• FGS 1300 fire alarm and gas detection/isolation system
• Automatic isolation valve installed in natural gas supply line
• Eight point gas detectors
• Detector placement services


The client now has an industrial grade system for detecting and isolating a release of natural gas, reducing the risk to personnel and equipment, and complying with their corporate safety program requirements.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Geography: Southeast

Unit Operation: FGS 1300

Governing: FM Approvals

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