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The Purpose of Performing a PHA - 2 Minute Topic

The ISA/IEC 61511 Safety Life Cycle starts with a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and a Risk Assessment. What is a PHA? Why do we do it?


Excerpt taken from the webinar: Choosing a Risk Assessment Methodology

In the full recording the ANSI/ISA 61511 Safety Life Cycle is shown to start with a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and a Risk Assessment. This was the first webinar of our 3 part series and details the purpose of Risk Assessment and examines the advantages and limitations of various methodologies including Risk Graph, Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA), Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), and others. See all our full recent webinars on

As a supplier of complete process safety and risk management solutions, we pride ourselves on providing engineers from industry with design, maintenance, operating, and process safety backgrounds. Our specialists understand how plants operate because they have actually worked in covered processes and facilities. Learn more--


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