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Top 5 Mistakes 
Machinery Safety Risk Assessments

Common mistakes. Major consequences.

As the foundation of the machinery safety lifecycle, the Risk Assessment facilitates the achievement of safe machine operation through discovering hazards, classifying risk, and identifying safeguarding objectives, concurrently reducing exposure to liabilities that can lead to unmanageable costs. 

Live Event
Tuesday, January 31
10:00 AM Eastern

This webinar will demonstrate how to avoid the common mistakes made while performing machine safety risk assessments. Gain understanding of the potential impacts of each mistake, and actions you can take to avoid them:

Improper format: Proper risk assessment format for application

Improper interpretation: How to read and understand a risk assessment, and apply the learnings appropriately

Improper timing: When to conduct a risk assessment in the machinery lifecycle

Improper team: How to include the right personnel to ensure an effective risk assessment

Improper hazard identification and risk quantification: How to ensure that you have identified all hazards and appropriately quantified risk


Register now and post your questions for our extended live Q&A session at the end.

Presenter: Catie Hillard Client Success Manager, Machinery Safety

Catie has been involved with industrial safety throughout her career. A degreed chemical engineer, she is no stranger to industrial facilities. She has worked in power plants, oil fields, and manufacturing plants. She is passionate about coming alongside clients to increase the level of safety of manufacturing processes by performing risk assessments and sharing her expert knowledge in machinery safety standards and OSHA compliance. Catie is also the host of the podcast Machinery Safety Weekly.

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