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Alarm Management Systems - Automation Application

Alerting Appropriate Action

aeSolutions provides services and systems to bring the client's alarm management practices into compliance with the standards that are now required for hazardous processes.

Poor alarm management has been a critical factor in major process safety incidents. The new requirements address the effectiveness of alarms and the ability of operating personnel to respond promptly and correctly.

aeSolutions can supply expertise at all stages of alarm management including consulting, training, and facilitating rationalization teams, followed by full design and implementation services.

• IEC 62682, ISA 18.2, EEMUA 191
• Alarm management training seminars
• Alarm philosophy document
• Alarm Master Data Base
• Alarm rationalization, classification, prioritization
• Alarm suppression and shelving logic
• Alarm summaries, journals, hit lists
• Alarm audible / visual annunciation

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