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Water Cannons Protect Community from Anhydrous Ammonia Leaks

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Client needed to reduce liability and risk associated with anhydrous ammonia storage tanks. aeSolutions provided a leak detection and suppression system that alerts personnel and provides the means to contain the resulting vapor cloud to the storage tank area using high-pressure, high-volume water cannons integrated with the control system.


A global manufacturer of agricultural chemicals stores 30,000 tons of anhydrous ammonia on-site in two large storage tanks. A large leak from one of these tanks would be hazardous and potentially fatal to on-site personnel and to the public in the surrounding areas. The client needed the ability to detect and alert personnel of leaks and allow operators to contain the resulting vapor cloud from a safe remote location.


After a thorough corporate safety review of the pressurized ammonia storage facility, aeSolutions provided an innovative safety shutdown and suppression system utilizing water cannons capable of manual or automatic operation from the safety system. Fourteen 2000 GPM water cannons capable of knocking the ammonia cloud to the ground and neutralizing its caustic characteristics were integrated, giving control room operators control over each cannon:

• 340 Degree rotational movement
• Vertical movement
• Nozzle pattern control from fog to stream
• Water flow control


The client now has an effective means of monitoring and controlling an accidental release of ammonia and minimizing the impact to personnel, the public, and to the environment. aeSolutions increased the safety by providing leak detection and notification, equipment isolation, and large-scale leak dispersion containment through perimeter water cannons.

Industry: Agricultural Chemicals

Geography: Southeast US

Unit Operation: Beam type gas detectors, point type gas detectors, product isolation valves, and electronically operated water cannons

Governing: FM Approvals

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