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Race-Ready Project Development Gives Chemical Plants an Edge - Chemical Processing

Road stretching ahead with a banked turn

In the evolving world of chemical processing, companies face a formidable challenge as they strive to keep pace with ever-evolving industry demands, develop novel formulations and deliver innovative products to market. Meeting customer needs often requires adjustments to production processes, including new plants, facility expansions and equipment upgrades. The successful execution of such projects hinges upon comprehensive planning, particularly when it comes to evaluating process safety risks.

Complex assessments, such as studies of overpressure relief devices, facility sitings and process safety procedure development, are crucial elements in this process. However, plant operators are primarily experts in running chemical plant operations, not project planning. To shed light on this critical aspect, Chemical Processing recently spoke with Chris Neff, senior vice president of project development for aeSolutions. In this discussion, Neff delves into the intricacies of the project-planning process and outlines methods for chemical manufacturers to integrate safety seamlessly into their projects.

"I think one of the biggest challenges is the belief that process safety is a cost rather than an integral part of the operation."

The full interview is available on as well as an audio podcast:


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