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ISS Source: AeSolutions Earns Safety Certification

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“In earning this second certification, maintaining its status of Siemens Process Safety Specialist and continuing to execute successful projects, aeSolutions

has demonstrated that they have the engineering and quality practices to implement PCS 7 Failsafe systems correctly the first time utilizing best practices,” said Rich Chmielewski, Siemens USA DCS Solution Partner Program Manager.


aeSolutions receives software licensing and training on the newest technologies and best practices as a Siemens certified solution partner, ensuring future-proof solutions. Engineers from aeSolutions took part in an expert workshop to reaffirm best practices as part of their training. aeSolutions will also receive priority hotline support, as well as consulting time with Siemens senior product management, application engineers, and enhanced proposal tools, through Siemens webinars and Partner Portal for existing and new innovations. Siemens facilitates a rigorous, multi-faceted procedure for solution partners to become accredited. Multiple aeSolutions safety projects were reviewed by a Siemens senior consulting engineer from Karlsruhe, Germany, to confirm that project configuration workflow processes met Siemens-documented best practices and international standards.

Learn more about our over 20 year partnership:


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