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aeSolutions becomes Alliance Partner of Schneider Electric

Schneider Alliance Partner Logo

aeSolutions is proud to announce we recently became an Alliance Partner of Schneider Electric in order to bring more value to our clients and more offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your facility.

Founded in the mid 1830’s in France, the company has its earliest roots in steel foundries, the machine industry, and later ship building. In the late 1800’s the company expanded into the emerging electricity market. Today Schneider Electric is focused on software, critical power, and smart grid applications.

Collaboration is crucial to keep up with the accelerating adoption of digital transformation. aeSolutions’ new alliance partnership with Schneider Electric is in the areas of Control Systems and the Modicon Safety System products. The Modicon M580 platform provides a compelling and cost-competitive SIL 3 SIS logic solver with controller and I/O module availability-redundant architectures.

Program Levels:

Alliance Industrial System Integrator Locator - Alliance Registered

Alliance Industrial System Integrator Program - Alliance Registered


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