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Human Machine Interfaces - SCADA

Interacting with Intuitive Information

aeSolutions designs and configures human machine interfaces for control and safety systems. HMI varieties range from DCS vendors' hefty client-server systems to small touch screens engineered with special purpose panels.

To avoid incidents, an operator needs to quickly comprehend and react appropriately to changing conditions in the plant. Flashy graphics of the 1990's had too many distractions and made it hard to comprehend abnormal situations. Standards working groups like ASM, and ISA101-HMI are driving toward industry consensus.


  • Control rooms, ergonomic multi-window stations

  • Field panels, touch screen HMI

  • Situational awareness

  • Contextual data and trends

  • Intuitive navigation

  • Meaningful dynamics

  • Single HMI for multiple control platforms and migrations

  • Project specific HMI style guide

aeSolutions BMS HMI example
aeSolutions HMI Alarm example
Sample IO HMI aeSolutions
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