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Safety Instrumented Systems - Automation Applications

Delivering Safety on Demand

aeSolutions is especially qualified with Certified Functional Safety Experts to quantify process hazard risks and develop the safety requirements specifications for a process.

National and international standards and regulations require that a safety interlock must meet a prescribed safety integrity level SIL-1 thru SIL-4 to have an acceptable probability of failure on demand for its associated hazard. There are many aspects to supplying the required SIL level, including the logic solver, I/O cards, redundancies, program blocks, networks, and the operator interactions.

aeSolutions satisfies a project's safety interlock SIL requirements with independent, SIL-certified safety PLC's that can be integrated with the process automation DCS for monitoring and alarming. Our engineering specialists will design, configure, test, and install documented Safety Instrumented Systems that verifiably meet the client's Safety Requirements Specifications.

• Logic solver hardware and software, TUV or Exida certified
• Operator interaction through Cause and Effect matrix
• Controlled access and modification protections
• Secure fail safe communications for distributed safety
• Verification test plans

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