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Hardware Design and Panel Fabrication

Supplying World-Class Panels

aeSolutions operates its own 10,000 square foot FM approved and UL 508a certified panel fabrication and testing facility. The aeSolutions team designs and builds sophisticated panels for a wide variety of projects, from small PLC cabinets, to large multi-bay safety and control systems designed to run large facilities. aeSolutions engineers specify and purchase hardware and software appropriate for client applications. Equipment is staged at our facility for integration and factory acceptance testing.

• CAD drawings
• Power supply, UPS, battery sizing
• Heat load calculations
• Panel Layout, wire ways, and interconnection wiring
• Painting, labelling
• Pressurization, purging
• Master Fuel Trip relay and watchdog circuits
• OEM racks, cards, relays, termination units, networks
• Firmware, revisions, compatibilities
• Bills of Material, purchasing, receiving, shipping

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