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Fire and Gas Systems - Automation Application

Furnishing the Last Line of Defense

aeSolutions' family of products includes FM-approved fire and gas systems for industrial installations. The pre-engineered package is scalable and configurable to meet the client's requirements.

As a last line of defense when the plant's DCS and SIS are both incapacitated by disaster, the F&G system has self-contained power for 24 hours and a standalone first responder's panel. Under normal conditions, the DCS operator may also graphically view the status of the detectors and interlocks.

FM-approvals are maintained for Fire System Monitoring and Gas Monitoring and their mitigation controls within the TUV-certified SIL-rated PLC.

• Fire System Monitor and Control, FM-approved for NFPA 72 conformance
• Gas Monitor and Control, FM-approved for combustible gas standard 6320, toxic gas standard 6340, and
ANSI/ISA 12.13.01 performance requirements
• Scalable for 50 to 50,000 I/O
• Listed field detection and alarm devices
• FM-approved battery set and charger panel
• Fire and Gas off-the-shelf product - FGS 1400 MK II

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