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Factory Automation Systems

Mechanizing in Real Time

aeSolutions has delivered automation solutions with Programmable Logic Controllers for nearly two decades.

In the 1970's, a PLC was a programmable emulator of relay ladder logic. Today, a PLC is a scaled down controller, often stand alone, but with much of the power and some of the functions of controllers used in DCS process automation. Multiple PLC's are often networked somewhat like a DCS with fewer features.

aeSolutions can provide the right PLC automation system when a client needs highly reliable and very fast real time response to events in a manufacturing cell or an electromechanical panel. Ruggedized operator displays and touch screens allow local HMI control. The PLC can also be interfaced to a supervising DCS.

• High speed I/O and processing
• Ruggedized environment
• Basic networking and communications
• Ladder logic programming familiar to I&E staff
• Scalable in size and cost

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