Security Threat: Middle Managers

By Gregory Hale, Writer | John Cusimano, aeSolutions Contributor | Published: July 15, 2015 ISS

Middle managers may or may not be aware of the increased need for security, but they are an obstacle when it comes to implementing and promoting security within their realm.

While the thought may seem to not make sense at first, it makes perfect sense where a middle manager’s compensation and performance objectives – whether it is a process line, an entire plant or anything in between – focus on performance. With pure performance objectives strictly in mind, security will often go by the wayside.

One case in point is one CISO at an oil and gas major who told a group of about 50 ICS cyber security experts at an invitation only meeting to discuss cyber security in oil and gas that one of his objectives handed down from his chief executive is to go around and get middle managers to adopt and follow the security process, said John Cusimano, director of industrial cybersecurity at aeSolutions. The CISO’s mission is to make…

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