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New Podcast: Machinery Safety Weekly

We're proud to announce the launch of our new weekly podcast on machinery safety, hosted by the head of aeSolutions' Machinery Safety Group, Catie Hillard. Each episode, Catie will be exploring topics to increase machinery safety in manufacturing by applying standards to assess and reduce risk involved in interacting with machinery.

Listen via Apple Podcast | Listen via Google Podcast | Listen via Spotify

Download the companion PDFs and other files at

"This is a podcast where we share weekly episodes discussing topics pertaining to safely operating machinery in the manufacturing sector. This includes applying machinery safety standards to assess and reduce risk involved with interacting with machinery. This podcast is brought to you by aeSolutions, the leader in integrating process safety, fired equipment, automation, and now machinery safety. You can find us at

Catie Hillard is your host and she leads the machinery safety group for aeSolutions. Find her on LinkedIn & hit the follow bell! "


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