Is Your Water Protected from Ransomware?

Imagine a day without water 2019

by Tim Gale

On October 23rd, the American Water Works Association asks everyone to consider what their day would be like if they couldn’t turn on the tap and get clean drinking water, or if they flushed the toilet and wastewater didn’t go anywhere. What would that day be like? A day without water is a public health and safety crisis.

Ransomware example screenshot

Cybercrime against local governments has increased dramatically in the last year. More than 80 state and local governments have been hit with cyber-attacks. In August, a coordinated attack against 23 cities in Texas put the state’s emergency management agency on its highest level of alert. A water and sewer authority in North Carolina had all their computers wiped of data. One water district in Colorado called in the FBI to investigate its ransomware infection. The list is lengthy. The Department of Homeland Security issued an alert in 2018 stating that foreign governments had targeted US water systems.

No Water, No Flow

At aeSolutions, we have the critical infrastructure experience, cyber assessment processes and implementation expertise to help mitigate this risk and keep the water turned on.

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