InTech Magazine – Integrating cybersecurity into a greenfield ICS project

by Krish Sridhar

Published: January/February Issue, 2018 | InTech Magazine

CORRECTION: This graphic was incorrectly published in InTech

Industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity is critical to companies that spend millions of dollars assessing and mitigating ICS cybersecurity risks. This is great news for brownfield systems, but how do we make sure that greenfield projects do not install new ICSs with cybersecurity vulnerabilities and gaps? Cybersecurity does not happen by accident-it must be consciously designed into the system.

Integrating cybersecurity into an ICS requires a project life-cycle approach. First, you must justify the project. The relationship between process safety and ICS cybersecurity is compelling for companies, especially if they fall under process safety regulations, such as OSHA process safety management (PSM). Preventing cybersecurity incidents that could cause costly lost production or extended service interruption follows and finishes with adherence to industry best practices and standards. The mission to “stop the bleeding” requires…

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