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Hundreds of years ago, experienced master builders knew everything about their craft, designing and overseeing the building of pyramids, cathedrals, and bridges. Now the world is vastly more complicated, and no single person can know everything in a professional field.

For example, in the early twentieth century, to become a doctor required a high school diploma and a one-year medical degree. By the end of the century, doctors needed a college degree, a four-year medical degree, and three-to-seven years residency training, which some believe is not enough. A doctor could spend all waking moments reading medical journals attempting to stay up to date. Unfortunately, there is too much information to absorb, and patients need to be treated.

The same is true in engineering, with debate about whether…

>> Read full article in Nov/Dec 2016 issue of InTech Magazine

Watson Wins Jeopardy in 2011 (photo courtesy of YouTube: IBM Research)

>> Read full article in Nov/Dec 2016 issue of InTech Magazine

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