ICSJWG: ‘If it Isn’t Secure, it Isn’t Safe’

“Equipment hasn’t changed, but if you lift the hood, everything has changed,” said John Cusimano, vice president industrial cyber security at aeSolutions during a Tuesday session entitled, “IACS & SCADA Systems – Past, Present, and Future,” at the ICSJWG 2018 Fall Meeting in Cincinnati, OH. “It looks the same, but it is very different. Everything has changed and will continue to change.”

In the 1960s pneumatics and relays were the top technologies, then in the 1970s there was analog control along with pneumatics and relays, said Marco Ayala, senior lifecycle services manager at aeSolutions. In the 1990s, technologies all started to scale and in the 2010s, the industry was still using the same old analog technology on top of the new digital technology coming on line….  ”

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By Gregory Hale

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