ICS Cybersecurity Incidents are Inevitable; Plan Like You will Need to Respond!

Down time due to any cause in industry typically results in lost revenue. Predictive maintenance and thorough startup/shutdown procedures ensure a quick turnaround when the inevitable run/maintain issue happens. Outages due to a cybersecurity incident can also be managed through careful planning and indeed should be in support of the business mission. However, unlike run/maintain issues, ICS cybersecurity incidents can be elusive and widespread compounding the time required to return to normal operation. Rash reactive response under duress can also lead to further complications and a delayed recovery. Adapting an old cliché, companies don’t plan to fail in response to an ICS cybersecurity incident, they just fail to plan.

This webinar will discuss the impact of IT/OT integration, ICS modernization, regulatory oversight and public sentiment on ICS Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning. We will also present an approach to address these issues through a structured and wholistic approach. Finally, we will observe some key takeaways from recent industry incidents to highlight the importance of planning like you are going to respond.

Join us for this upcoming ICS cybersecurity incident response webinar on June 23rd at 2PM Eastern. All those who register will also be sent a li

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Presented by

Chad Vicknair - Industrial Cybersecurity Technical Project Manager

Paul Rostick - CISO & Senior Principal Cybersecurity Advisor

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