How to Protect Against ‘WannaCry’

WannaCry hit over 200,000 computers, from manufacturing to medical, in at least 174 countries starting Friday and through the beginning of this week and this ransomware attack could easily be prevented if manufacturers just follow some basic steps.

The malicious code relied on victims opening a zip file emailed to them and from there the ransomware package used a patched flaw in the Microsoft operating system software to proliferate. Microsoft did release the patch for the vulnerability in March, but like most patches – especially in the manufacturing automation sector – patching is infrequent, or it takes time to validate, or does not happen at all.

That all leads to what can manufacturing companies do to protect themselves from this debilitating kind of attack.

“It still comes down to the fundamentals of basic ICS cybersecurity,” said John Cusimano, director of industrial cybersecurity at aeSolutions. “It comes down to having a good handle on your assets. Having a good asset management program…”

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Article Written by Gregory Hale | John Cusimano, aeSolutions Contributor | Published: May 15, 2017 ISS

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