Encouraging Kids to Seek Engineering Careers

A unique new book was just released profiling of Working Engineers for Students, Guidance Counselors, Mentors, and Teachers.  aeSolutions’ EVP of Process Safety & Lifecycle Solutions, Kathy Shell, was interviewed by Dr. Edwards for the book.

This book conveys the scope of chemical and bio-molecular engineering practice, with a goal of helping students interested in studying chemical engineering and bio-molecular engineering to understand the many potential career pathways that are available for graduates in these dynamic fields. Written so that it can be read by high school students and the general public, this book can serve as a supplement to both introductory courses on chemical engineering theory and calculations, and other “introduction to engineering” college courses that are aimed at helping students decide which branch of engineering (and thus course of study) might be most interesting to them.


  1. Defines chemical and bio-molecular engineering in practical terms, with emphasis on relating “classroom learning” to “real-world applications” to identify and describe potential career pathways.

  2. Describes both traditional and emerging careers pathways illustrated by first-hand narrative anecdotes from numerous distinguished chemical and bio-molecular engineers.

  3. Describes innovative alternative careers available due to the knowledge, skills and intellectual rigor that today’s chemical engineer and bio-molecular engineer possess.

  4. Outlines career success strategies from a diverse array of working chemical and bio-molecular engineers.

  5. Helps students, parents, teachers, and advisors make informed choices and broaden their search when seeking internships during college and graduate school, and post-graduation employment.

You can learn more at crcpress.com

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