E&E News : Battle lines form over pipeline cyberthreat

aeSolutions was featured today in an E&E News article about possible cyberattacks on U.S. oil and gas pipelines.  The following is a short excerpt:

“It’s a political football,” said senior life-cycle solutions manager at aeSolutions in Houston, who often works with pipeline companies on their cybersecurity practices. “DOE’s point is that they’re moving the ball forward with cybersecurity. Yet TSA and PHMSA are the law of the land for pipelines.”

Many pipeline companies already deal with DOE across various other parts of their businesses, he pointed out.

“For them, it’s just, ‘Tell us who to talk to.’“

Top intelligence and homeland security officials have warned that new reliance on digital controls, online threats from adversaries like China and Russia, and cybersecurity workforce shortages collectively pose a huge risk to the hundreds of thousands of energy pipelines crisscrossing the nation. “

Read the entire article featuring aeSolutions’ Marco Ayala at www.eenews.net

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