Digital Transformation and IIoT:  “Cyber-Safety Challenges and Opportunities” - Webinar Recording

The scale and scope of Digital Transformation and IIoT are creating disruption within OT environments. On this webcast, we’ll be considering how the technologies and platforms have evolved. We will discuss the high-level goals of Digital Transformation or IIoT programs and projects and how their project execution typically unfolds. We will also discuss how these programs can create unintended consequences within the OT environment if cybersecurity and safety are not evaluated.

This presentation puts forth 5 simple areas of focus for plant personnel when impacted by Digital Transformation or IIoT projects or programs. The 5 areas of focus ensure a fundamental work process and approach to mitigating plant cybersecurity and safety risks.

To achieve true change a successful Digital Transformation or IIoT Program should leverage the experience, know-how and technical understanding that site Engineering, Operations and Maintenance teams bring to the table. This allows the programs or projects to be more effective and facilitate a cultural transformation in safety, cybersecurity, profitability and quality.

In this video, we discuss Digital Transformation and IIoT “Cyber-Safety Challenges and Opportunities” to aid, advance, and provide a significant shift in managing the risk of cybersecurity and safety within your organization.