Cyber Challenges in the Water and Wastewater Industry Recording

Last week aeSolutions' Krish Sridhar & Ted Justice gave a presentation on Cybersecurity Challenges in the Water and Wastewater Industry to the Western Carolina Section of the International Society of Automation (ISA).

We are now pleased to be able to share that presentation with everyone here:

aeSolutions' services can help examine and evaluate existing facility cybersecurity measures, procedures, and operations. Additionally, aeSolutions will analyze the vulnerabilities found during the on-scene survey and provide recommendations to establish and prioritize the cybersecurity measures for inclusion in the facility security plan (FSP).

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"This is a foreign attack. Iran launched a cyber attack on Israeli water.

Treatment plant was designed to overfeed chlorine. That particular attack an not only is there increased cyberattacks on critical critical infrastructure targets of water and wastewater utilities face. A ransomware attack malware and ransomware is on the rise as you know everywhere, and one of the particular bad things about this, as it can infect a city or municipal system and work its way right into water or wastewater, critical infrastructure areas and we can go ahead and go and hit the next slide there, Krish or so. One of the big ones lately was a ransomware attack on North Carolina's on slow water. Sewer authority took him awhile to recover from that. And as you know, with limited resources it's hard to pay those ransoms. Or you may not want to pay those ransoms and try to try to get that system back. And as a result there's been increased funding and support tools from groups like AWWA, EPA Department, Homeland Security. All these groups have pulled together to give water and wastewater many more support tools than what they had previously. So now we'll dive

into some of the cyber security risks in the water sector. Good Christian. One comment on the ransomware attack so so the ransomware does not know. Distinguish between sectors. It

is if you seen ransomware attack all the way from oil and gas to pipelines to Pharmaceuticals to shipping companies like Mirsk you know, so it's been it's been all over and aluminum company in Belgium last year, so it has been all over the map. Those run

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