New Video Overview of the aeCyberPHA Methodology

This video shows a good walk through our unique cyber-safety risk assessment methodology that we call aeCyberPHA®.

The aeCyber PHA process integrates process safety, industrial automation and cybersecurity disciplines to identify, rank and manage industrial cybersecurity risk in the same context as all operational risks.

■ Integrates with process safety to provide management with a consistent method of ranking risk ■ Utilizes cross-functional team (automation, operations, IT, HSE) approach to encourage collaboration and buy-in ■ Uncovers “hidden” risks ■ Provides management with risk-ranked recommendations and roadmap ■ Establishes a baseline to measure improvement, document and justify decisions


The aeCyber™ suite of services is a risk-driven approach organized into four competencies: Governance, Risk Management, Security Implementation, and Security Operations. By working with you and focusing on the core mission in each of these four areas, we can help you meet your mission.

Our proven aeCyber™ tools, techniques and templates provide you with a jump-start to industry best-practices as well as a risk-based strategic roadmap.  By choosing aeSolutions you:

Have access to our broad industry experience and our deep understanding of the inter-dependencies between industrial automation, safety and security.

You will also benefit from our standards-based, systematic and pragmatic approach to program and controls development.

You will have the information and confidence you need to successfully build-out your cyber risk management program.

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